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Devotions - Luther recommended a routine of daily prayer.  Luther's method is to focus on a small portion of scripture, meditate on scripture by asking questions of the passage, and praying about it.

Spanish Language Lutheran Church in America
How can we share our Faith? The Lutheran is a monthly magazine that brings news of the church -- local, national and international -- to you.
Local and World Disaster Relief--Helping Others through others... Welcome to THE place for Lutheran youth on the web.  Explore, connect, have fun!
    The Bible online--many searchable versions of the Bible online for reading and study.
Evangelical Lutheran Church In America web site.  Who we are, how to find our congregations, what we're doing, what we think is important, services available. Sierra Pacific Synod of the ELCA web site (Northern California and Northern Nevada).
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Logo Thrivent Financial Services for Lutherans...