Announcing a new book on Stewardship as lifestyle 

by Jerry L. Schmalenberger


     I was raised on a little Darke County farm outside Greenville, Ohio. Behind the farmhouse situated near a narrow creek, we had a springhouse.  On a hot day in August it was quite a treat to leave my assigned work hoeing corn to drink of that refreshing cool water. The trouble was that on those hot days the pitcher pump had to be primed before one could pull any water from the dug well. 

     My father always kept a tin coffee can in the shade of the overhang of the roof for that purpose. When you first poured the water from the can into the top of the pump while pumping the handle, the water would come pouring out. But the family rule was that you should not drink any of the water until you first re-filled the can and placed it back in the shade of the rafter for the next thirsty person before you drank any for yourself. That was stewardship.

     In this book on the subject we will talk about refilling the can and giving careful consideration as to how we can share the good water. It will be one of our metaphors for living a lifestyle that provides for future generations, making sure that our grandchildren and great-grandchildren might also have enough to live well.

     Some chapter headings in my new book: I. Defining the Stewardship Concept. II. Stewardship Lifestyle Implications. III. Stewardship Warnings. IV. Stewardship and Congregational Life. V. Raising Funds for Mission. VI. Stewardship stories.


Published by Fairway Press of Lima, Ohio, “The Stewardship of All Believers; A Lifestyle and Ministry for These Times” is available by sending your check for $20 made out to “Friends of LTS/USA & Canada” to the author, Jerry L. Schmalenberger, 162 Pelican Loop, Pittsburg, CA, 94565. The shipping is free and the entire proceeds will go to the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Hong Kong.


Jerry L. Schmalenberger
Retired President, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, Berkeley, CA
Affiliated faculty, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Hong Kong
Affiliated faculty, Huri Kristen Batak Protesten Seminary, Sumatra

Affiliated faculty, STT-Abda Sabda Seminary, Medan, Indonesia

Guest lecturer, HKBP Balige Deaconess School, Sumatra