Pictured above, L to R, Hong Kong students, Indonesian Batak Bible Women class and Hong Kong class


Those helped by

St. John’s, Antioch, California, International Student Fund

and Pastor Jerry and Carol Schmalenberger.


Over the last 13 years, after retirement from Seminary presidency, Pastor Jerry, nicknamed “Ompung” (Grandpa in Batak), served as an ELCA Global Mission Volunteer. As a direct result of his ministry and stewardship and by placing a special emphasis on educating women the following are some of the results.


Wilda Simanjuntak who graduated from the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Hong Kong serves as head theological Librarian at the Huri Kristan Batak Protestan Seminary on the Island of Sumatra, Indonesia.

Also graduating from LTS is Benny Sinaga who now teaches New Testament at the STT-HKBP seminary. Benny and Wilda were first supported by St. John’s Lutheran Antioch’s youth years ago. The International Student fund at St. John’s continued their education at LTS, Hong Kong. Both are married with one child. Pictured above right.  

Dr. Dewi Sinaga, the first female Batak doctorate in theology (Th.D), graduated from LTS, Hong Kong and teaches New Testament at the same seminary where her husband is the academic dean. She is a leader among the female clergy in the 3,500, 000 member HKBP church. Picture to the left along with Deaconess Sister Teo Sihombing.

Dr. Jon Sipayung, after graduating from LTS, Hong Kong, is now full time faculty at Abda Sabda Seminary in Medan, Indonesia. While Jon went through his doctoral program, Pastor Jerry was one of his advisors and financially supported his wife and family back home in Indonesia.   After getting his Doctorate, Dr. Deonal Sinaga went back home to teach in the seminary and then work in the HKBP Ephorus’ (Bishop) office before accepting a position in the Center for Mission & Diakonia with the Lutherans in Beifeld, Germany.

Rev. Rospita Siahaan has her Masters through a scholarship from the ELCA and is now working in the General Secretary’s office of the HKBP church in Sumatra. She has also served as a very excellent parish pastor who has recently been nominated for a doctoral program in Germany. Pastor Jerry married Rospita and her Pandita-husband several years ago.


Dr. Henry Kung (4-toast Henry) is now the principal of Chin Christian College in Myanmar. He got one of the first doctorates (Th.D) LTS had to offer. Henry has great respect among the Chin people. His daughter, Katie, (left) is Pastor Jerry’s God daughter.  

Also in Myanmar is Daw Thida Nyunt, standing in back of table talk picture,  who received a  D-Min from LTS and is now head of Christian Education for the Episcopal Church there. A mother of two she walks tall in the Episcopal congregations.  


Sister Tio Sihombing received her masters from LTS and is now an ordained deaconess  teaching Dioconal Ministry at the HKBP Deaconess School in Balige, Sumatra, Indonesia. Pictured left with other Sisters.    

Three HKBP Pastors were helped through seminary and call Pastor Jerry “Ompung” (Grandpa). All three have their own parish and are serving well: Rev. Vevo Hutajulu, Rev. Eva Sinaga, and Rev. Roida Sihombing. They learned preaching, counseling, conflict management and church administration from Dr. Jerry. Pictured Right.  


Sister Thilda Nainggolan (second from the left) is now at Nomensen University studying English. The Schmalenbergers brought her to John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek, California, for training in hospital chaplaincy and CPE. Pastor Jerry married her and Nando (left) and recently purchased a motorcycle for them.  Left

Rev. Sihar Nainggolan was also a “Cucu” grandson whom we helped through seminary with lots of help from First Lutheran Church, Mansfield, Ohio. Sihar is married and serving full time as a “Pandita.” (Pastor). Pictured on the right at his wedding.  


Now teaching school in Medan, Indonesia is Intan Pandiangan, a graduate of Abda Sabda seminary where Winna Hotnaulia serves as secretary to the president after being supported for English classes by the International Student Fund. Presently in their second year of a Masters program at LTS, Hong Kong, is Ronald Pasaribu who is studying Old Testament to be prepared to teach it back in Sumatra. Sister Eleven Sihotang is also there preparing to teach Preaching and New Testament when she returns to the Deaconess School in Indonesia. Santi and Ronald on left, middle.  

Graduating the month of September from the seminary in Pematang/Siantar is Debora Munthe, now an orphan, who is doing her internship preparatory to being an ordained Pastor in HKBP.  

Presently writing her thesis at STT-HKBP is Santi Hutagaol, who Pastor Jerry took under his wing when she was 9. She now has finished High School, a year of computer school, special English classes and will graduate from the seminary next September, 2011. Santi is pictured on the motorcycle next to Nando, Thilda and Thilda’s mother. She is also pictured above, left with Ronald.  

Batak Lestina Hasibuan graduated from seminary in Sumatra and then wanted to get more work on a Master’s to better equip herself to minister to the blind and disadvantaged in Indonesia. She is now finishing up her master’s requirements at STT-HKBP and then will write a thesis. Picture on your right.  



Since their service in Liberia, West Africa, in the 1980‘s, the Schmalenbergers have taken an active role in developing leaders for the Lutheran Church of Liberia (LCL). Three were brought to PLTS: Sumoward Harris, now the Bishop of the LCL; Tokpa Songu, now a parish Pastor who headed up the “Peace and Reconciliation Task Force after the horrible civil war; Joseph Kpanie working for the UN in Liberia and James Kollie now a trained nurse carrying on a private practice. Also put through teacher’s college and seminary and now serving the LCL as the head of the Lay Training Center in Totota is Rev. Lydia Manawu-Weagba. Pastor Jerry took part in her ordination as the first female to be ordained in the LCL. (He also helped ordain the second East India female Pastor in the ELCA, Rev. Sarah Joy Geddada of Queens, New York Pictured on the left with her family).  

Another Liberian, Dr. Samuel Harris, we brought to the US to attend Waldorf and then Wittenberg University. From there he went to medical school in Grenada doing his residency in Brooklyn. He is now doing 2 more years in infectious disease residency in New Orleans before returning to Liberia to practice much needed medicine.  

Presently a third year student at Fresno Christian College and a foster daughter to the Schmalenbergers is Lorpu Davies from Liberia, West Africa. She gained refugee status during the Liberian Civil War and has been closely related to Pastor Jerry and Carol since she arrived in Pittsburg, CA, in 1998. Picture on right. 


Moa & Akumla Imchen are GTU students living in Berkeley from Nagaland (NE India way up in the Himalayas). Pastor Jerry took part in his September ordination in Chinatown, San Francisco (See laying on of hands to the left). He is far along in his doctorate in Old Testament and she is beginning hers in homiletics. When they return to their homeland she will be the first female doctorate in homiletics. They have 2 children and Pastor Jerry and Carol often bring rice and cash to them as they only have a scholarship for him. Pictured to the right with family.  


On your left is another Naga from India, Dr. Bendang, whom Jerry coached through his doctorate in Germany and then the Netherlands. He now teaches back in Nagaland.  

  Jerry L. Schmalenberger
Retired President of Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary ELCA
Global Mission Volunteer Affiliate Faculty,
STT-HKBP Seminary, Pematang Siantar, Indonesia
Affiliate Faculty, Abda Sabda Seminary, Medan, Indonesia
Affiliate Faculty, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Hong Kong
Lecturer,  Huri Kristen Batak Protestan Deaconess School, Balige, Indonesia