St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Monthly Financial Report -March 2017
Church Bank Accounts:          
  General Account Mission Endowment Fund    (Thrivent Investment)     Grand total of cash in all accounts
Bank Beginning Balance $98,969.22 $79,370.23   `  
Deposits/Income/Value change $28,158.56 $756.91      
Checks written/cleared/value change $26,649.90 $0.00      
Bank Ending Balance $100,477.88 $80,127.14      
Outstanding Deposits $0.00 $0.00      
Outstanding Checks $1,160.00 $0.00      
Quick Books Ending Balance $99,317.88 $80,127.14     $179,445.02
     General Fund $1,707.06        
     Restricted Fund $97,610.82        
Restricted Funds within General  Account      
  Opening Balance Credits Debits Total  
Memorial Funds $2,169.17 0.00 0.00 $2,169.17  
Restricted Funds  $43,727.29 4,609.47 2,876.11 $45,460.65  
General Account Reserve $12,000.00 0.00 0.00 $12,000.00  
Building Fund $37,881.00 100.00 0.00 $37,981.00  
Total Restricted Savings Account $95,777.46 $4,709.47 $2,876.11 $97,610.82  
Quick Books Ledger Accounts  General Giving Account        
Total General Giving  for February 2017 $23,443.00        

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