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Pastor Jerry Schmalenberger, old preacher, retired Seminary President, vagabond missionary, and sometimes professor, not perfect but forgiven.


Dr. Jerry Schmalenberger…     Our Global Missionary


A graduate of Wittenberg University and Hamma School of Theology
Dr. Schmalenberger served as a parish pastor for 29 years before taking the presidency of Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, California, where he was also Professor of Parish Ministry.  Now retired from that position, he is a Global Mission Volunteer with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Our Global Missionary has taught in the countries of:  Liberia, Jamaica, Bavaria, Argentina, Uruguay, Suriname, Sumatra, Hong Kong and The People's Republic of China. He continues to travel to Hong Kong and Asia where he works with future pastors, missionaries and Professors of newly established theological seminaries.

The author of twentytwo books on the Christian faith and pastoral ministry our "Pastor Jerry", as we call him, often preaches and teaches at St. John's enriching our worship by sharing his experiences about the world wide Lutheran family. He and his wife Carol, who is the ELCA's Region 2 Archivist, reside in the Pittsburg, California, marina.

He is a frequent contributor to The Lutheran magazine, Partners and Theology and Life theological journals His latest published books include: The Miracles of Jesus and Their Flip Side, These Will Preach, Preparation for Discipleship, The Preacher's Edge, Plane Thoughts on Parish Ministry, The Parables of Jesus and Their Flip Side, Dear Friends and Family and The Preacher's Lectionary Workbook, Series A, series B and Series C. All are published by CSS publishing of Lima Ohio and are also available from and Barns and Noble.




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